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Things to bring 

Boarding Policies


It is our pleasure to provide bedding for all of our canine guests, so you may leave your pet’s bed at home. Please let us know if your pet is prone to chewing.


Please bring your pet’s food for them to enjoy during their stay with us – and to ease any tummy troubles from new food while they are here. Please package dry food in a resealable container with your dog’s name on them.


Absolutely bring treats that your pet is accustomed to getting. Please do not bring treats and foods that your pet has never had before. An upset tummy is no way to spend a vacation. We Do Not administer Raw Hide treats.


We DO NOT force dogs to take oral meds.

Please remember to bring your pet’s medications.  Medication that is packaged in a daily pill planner with day and am/pm designations are simpler to administer and provide the bests care for fur baby.

Medication, vitamins, supplements incur a $2.00 fee per day, per pet, and $5 per day, per pet for complicated medications. Do not place the medications mixed with your dogs food as medication administration may not be properly given in that manner. Bring the pill bottle and we will divide the pills in a daily planner.

Topical medications including ear and eye medicines, as well as medications that require additional handling, will incur nominal fees. Please do not ask us to begin a new medication routine. Allergic reactions or resistance to topical applications should be discovered at home. Here is an example of the pill planner/organizer.

Fleas & Ticks

Please make sure that your pet’s flea & tick treatment is current. You do not want to be responsible for other guests getting bugs.  And importantly, with a current flea & tick treatment you can rest easy that your baby will not pick up one of those pesky little varmints. We recommend the Frontline brand of treatment.


All pets over the age of six (6) months must be spayed or neutered for group play. We will not accept any aggressive dogs. If you have a bully breed dog, please make sure to bring them as a puppy so they can develop proper socialization skills.


Dogs that go into heat while staying at Smith Farms Boarding Kennels will have to be picked up the same day they are notified during hours of operation.  Any dog that is in heat that isn’t picked up will be charged an additional $100 for any portion of time the dog stays at Smith Farms.  Dogs that have multiple cycles of heat during their stay will incur a $100 per cycle.  Smith Farms Boarding kennels reserves the right to make alternate arrangements at a vet or alternate boarding facility at your costs.  Transport fees and additional boarding cost will apply.

Disheveled Dogs

Dogs that are brought in a disheveled manner will be required to be bathed and may be required to be groomed if they will be boarded with us.  Our current rates for those services will be added to your bill. This allows for the standard of cleanliness to be upheld and ensure that other vacationing pets aren’t exposed to grime.


Cane Corso’s, Dogo Argentinos, and Akitas or any aggressive dogs are not accepted for boarding.  

Check-In Time

Pet Parents and dogs may check-in during business hours, Monday through Sunday.
(Please see our Hours and Directions)

First-time boarders are suggested to arrive between 7:00 am and 11:00 am. This early arrival for long first day helps your pet to settle in and get acquainted with their doggie vacation environment.

Check-Out Time

Pet Parents and dogs may check-out during business hours Monday through Friday. Check out time is 12:00 noon. Pets picked up by noon will not be charged for that day. Customers are charged $10 per 15-minute increment for pickups during lunch and after 6pm. (Please see our Hours and Directions). Sunday check-out hours are only between 0230pm-6pm.  Dogs that board on Saturday incur a 2 day minimum charge regardless of departure time.

Making a Reservation

Reservations are required for your pet’s vacation, so before confirming your own travel plans, please make sure your pet has a suite reserved. Please note that reservations for the summer time and holidays will likely need to be made weeks in advance.

Reservations can be made by calling 770-918-9808 or by filling out the online form here. If you request a reservation using our online form, we will send you a confirmation email. If for some reason you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of submitting the form, please contact us to confirm the reservation. A credit card is required to hold a reservation.

Canceling a Reservation

 A 72-hour notice is required when canceling a non-holiday reservation. Canceling within 72 hours will incur a cancellation fee.

A minimum of 7 days’ notice is required when canceling any holiday reservations, including spring break.

Pleae send email cancellation request to smithfarmsboarding@gmail.com this will leave an electronic trail that you cancelled your reservation and the time that it was canceled.



All pets must have current vaccinations, including Rabies, DHPP yearly, and either Bordetella or Intertrac yearly for Canine Cough.  Bordetella, Intertrac, also known as Canine Cough takes 5 days to become active in your dog.  Please be sure to have Bordetella given early enough to allow your dog to have the proper active vaccination in their system. Canine Influenza is strongly recommended and there is a current outbreak of Canine influenza in Alabama and Florida 2022.  Dogs that don’t have the two stage active vaccinations of Canine Influenza will not be reimbursed for any medical expenses.  There are vaccines for both H3N8 and H3N2.   Please fax a copy of your pet’s current vaccination history to 770-679-9359 or ask your Vet to provide these records to smithfarmsboarding@gmail.com.

Holiday Premium

Holidays are November 24-27 (Thanksgiving Week), December 23-26 (Christmas Week), December 30-January 1st (New Years Weekend), May 27-30th (Memorial Day weekend), September 2-5 (Labor Day Weekend), July 1-4,

During Closed days all pets are cared for but office is not open for customers.

Easter – Normal Hours

Memorial Day – Normal Hours

Independence Day – Office Closed, care still ongoing

Labor Day – Open Normal Hours 

Thanksgiving – Office Closed, care still ongoing

Black Friday – Normal Hours

Christmas Eve – Office Closed, care still ongoing

Christmas Day – Office Closed, care still ongoing

New Year’s Eve – Normal Hours

New Years Day – Normal Hours


Jumpers and Climbers

Pets that are fence climbers and can jump over a 5-foot fence could voluntarily depart from the facility with little to no chance of stopping this pet.  We do not accept dogs that participate in this type of behavior.

Special Needs

$10 per/day Geriatric, Mobility Issues, Extra Needs, etc


Dogs that are boarding and aren’t here for training incur a $15 per/day fee for territorial dominance or human aggression.


Get in Touch By Phone Or email

Address: 3436 Irwin Bridge Rd
Conyers, GA
Phone:    770-918-9808
Fax:         770-679-9359
Email:    smithfarmsboarding@gmail.com


Monday to Saturday
7:00am-12:00pm and 2:00pm-6:00pm
Sundays - 2:30pm-6:00pm

Our Office is Closed for certain holidays see policies.

Smith Farms Boarding and Kennel