Dogs, like humans, are sensitive to heat.  Summer high heat temperatures and humidity in Georgia may have dangerous effects on your dog.  Ways to help your dog:

  • Avoid dog dehydration by keeping plenty of clean and fresh water for your dogs. If you exercise them keep it to a limit and watch their energy level. Make sure they have a shady area where they can relax. If heat is extreme, bring them in. Consider exercising them in the morning.
  • If a dog is panting fast, drooling, lacks energy, or has difficulty breathing, it may have experienced overheating.  A visit to the veterinarian may be a good idea if the symptoms include bloody diarrhea, vomit, or seizures.
  • Cars or poorly ventilated spaces can become suffocating.  Never leave your dog in a parked vehicle in the heat, it may lead to a fatal stroke.
  • Your dog may feel better with a shorter coat if they have long hair.  A well-trained groomer will know exactly how short they can go without risking sunburn or overheating.
  • Remember that asphalt and concrete may be very hot to the touch and may burn your dog’s sensitive paw pads. Grassy and dirt areas will be more comfortable for your dogs.

While your dogs are boarding at Smith Farms we are careful to watch your dog’s behaviour and read the signs and if any occur to take immediate action.