When we humans are busy during the holidays, our furry family members may be feeling a little left out.  There are plenty of fun things you can do to include your dog in the festivities of this holiday season!  Here are a few of Smith Farms’ favorite holiday activities that are enjoyable for everyone in the family:            

  • Say cheese!  Make special memories by including your pup in your family Christmas photos;
  • Naughty or nice?  Have your dog’s picture taken with Santa;
  • Include your pup in Christmas morning festivities with a stocking filled with favorite toys and treats.  
  • Speaking of treats, bake delicious homemade dog-treats using a nutritious recipe specifically for dogs; 
  • Load your fur baby into the car with the family when you view holiday lights.  What dog does not love a car ride?;
  • Add to the family cuteness by dressing your pup in matching Christmas sweaters or pajamas;
  • If you are lucky enough to have snow, bundle up and take your pup outside!  Your dog will love a game of snow-ball fetch!  Just be sure to check regularly for signs of frost-bite; 
  • If you are feeling charitable and your furry friend plays nice with others, take your pup to a dog-friendly event to raise money to help homeless animals.

We hope our furry friends and their owners have a wonderful holiday season!  Be sure to schedule a bath at Smith Farms before the holidays so your pup looks and smells good for those holiday photos.  Contact us at (770) 918-9808.