Facts about dogs that are fascinating:

1. Dogs sense of smell is at least 40x stronger than that of humans. This is why dogs are often used in law enforcement and the military. Dogs are used to sniff people, drugs, and weapons, and explosives. Dogs can also sniff some medical conditions and alert their human friends.

2. Dogs sweat mainly through the glands in their paw pads where there is little fur. Dogs pant to regulate their temperature. Panting helps them evaporate moisture from their lungs, tongues, and nasal passages.

3. Dogs like humans may prefer to use the right or left paw as their dominant paw to lead with. To find which paw your dog leads with, just hand them a favorite toy and watch which paw they use first.

4. Some dogs love water and swimming, but it is best to keep an eye if they go for a swim. Some dogs have been used as water rescue dogs.

5. Some are extremely fast. The fastest breed of dog is a Greyhound reaching a top speed of 45mph within seconds of starting to run. Greyhounds could easily run seven miles at speeds of 35mph. Most dogs are built to run and chase! They are also used for hunting.

6. Dogs can hear at a higher frequency and are extremely sensitive. Dogs are excellent at tracking using both smell and hearing. The dog’s eighteen ear muscles help them change their ear direction to hear surrounding noises better. Their ears play a big part in displaying their feelings.

7. Tail wagging has many different meanings. Body language along with the tail movement may give you an indication of how your dog is feeling.

Typically when dogs’ tails wag fast they are excited, the slower wag the less enthusiastic about something. A broader stroke may indicate a happier feeling, while smaller strokes may be an indication of getting uptight about something. Watch the hair coat is standing up, bristling, or relaxed along with the facial muscles. Keep in mind that different breeds may have differing tail communication.

8. Dogs can learn over one hundred sixty-five words and gestures. Some dogs can learn up to 250 words and gestures. That is around a two or two and a half-year-old human intelligence. Dogs learn tricks and games, they are used for all types of support in the military, medical, and law enforcement. They are fast learners and are very loyal.

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