Early Holiday Reservations for Your Fur Baby

Smith Farms is now taking reservations for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  We recommend that you make your reservations early to ensure that your pup has a spot at Smith Farms Boarding and will be well-cared-for while you are away.  

Smith Farms Provides the Best Dog Care

At Smith Farms, we know how much you love your fur baby.  We know that you will worry about his/her wellbeing while you’re away for the holidays.  Smith Farms helps eliminate that worry.  First and foremost, we make sure that every staff member loves dogs as much as you do. Dogs are our passion and your fur baby will receive all the love and attention s/he needs to feel at home at Smith Farms.   

You Will Have Peace of Mind

You will have peace of mind knowing that your dog is safe and secure in one of our spacious homey kennels.  Your pup will be snuggly and warm in our large temperature-controlled kennel with plush raised beds, food & water bowls and everything needed for a pleasant stay.  Bring some of your pup’s favorite toys and blankets to help provide the extra comfort of home for your pooch.  

Your Pup’s Needs Will be Met

Making sure your pup gets enough daily exercise is essential at Smith Farms.  If your pup gets along with other dogs, s/he can run around our large play yard with other friendly guests in our care.   Our staff supervises all group activities and engages your dog to play catch, rope tug, and other games that dogs love.  We make sure that your dog is worn out before returning to the kennel for a well-earned nap and a snack.  If your dog is not a lover of other dogs, we’ll provide plenty of one-on-one play with our staff members.  For a small fee, our dog walkers will take your dog on a nice long daily walk around our facility, allowing your pup to trot through soft grass and take in all the scents that dogs enjoy.  

We Make Sure Your Baby is Happy with Us!

If you are worried about your fur baby missing you, our staff is trained to notice if your pup shows any sign of sadness.  To help prevent any doggy depression, our staff spends plenty of time loving on your pooch and assuring him/her that s/he’s safe and loved.  Daily belly rubs are abundant at Smith Farms!  We just cannot help ourselves!  

Don’t Forget to Add a Bath for the Holidays

We highly recommend that you schedule a professional bath towards the end of your dog’s stay.  It will be one less thing you have to do while unpacking from your trip. In addition, a freshly bathed dog with a pretty, shiny coat is perfect for Santa pictures! Check out our bathing service options.        

Book Now!

We are booking fast.  Hurry, so you don’t miss out on the best care for your dog while you are away!  Call us today at 770-918-9808 or click here to make your holiday reservations.  Our holiday cancellation rules apply.