Best Dog Boarding, Bathing and Training near Monroe, Walton - Georgia

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Best Dog Kennels, Dog Bathing and Dog Training Monroe,  Georgia

For the best in both short-term or long-term dog boarding and bathing or the best boarding obedience training training near Monroe, Georgia, consider Smith Farms Boarding Kennels.  

Monroe is full of ante-bellum homes, a historic downtown and venerable government buildings. It is a city fast growing with premiere antique markets, great restaurants and shops and versatile event spaces. Monroe attracts many visitors with its weekly farmers market, art guild and historic walking tours. Monroe has also served as a filming location, with its downtown and surrounding areas featured in various TV shows and films, like Nancy Drew and the movie Hidden Figures. 

Dog Boarding Monroe

We know that Monroe dog owners want the best in dog boarding. Smith Farms Boarding Kennel is the best choice near Monroe because we understand the worries that come with entrusting you pet to the care of others.  We work hard to care for every dog perfectly and make sure that they have a fun and safe experience while staying with us.  Call us now to book your dog’s boarding stay!   Be sure to schedule a professional bath during your dog’s visit.  

Best Dog Bath Monroe

Smith Farms Boarding Kennels uses top of the line cleansing products to help maintain your dog’s healthy skin and shiny coat.  Smith Farms Boarding Kennels is able to bath even the most difficult dogs using positive reinforcement, patience and love.  Smith Farms Boarding Kennels specialize in amazing care for your dog’s baths in Monroe. Smith Farms Boarding Kennels dog experts are available on-site to answer your questions about dog nutrition, nail, skin and coat issues, frequency of care, and product choice.  For your convenience, your dog can get bathed after their vacation with us or schedule a bath when you drop your pup off at our doggy daycare .  

Best Obedience Training

Smith Farms offers top-quality dog obedience training near Monroe as well.  Our dog trainers are experienced, offering  K-9 (K9) Training, Dog Behavior Modification, Dog Rehabilitation, and Socialization as part of our overall approach. Monroe dog owners may learn more about Smith Farms’ dog training program on this page.

Puppy Manners and Training Programs Near Monroe, GA

Is your puppy in need of some manners training? Look no further than Smith Farms Kennels. Our puppy training programs are specifically tailored to help your young companion develop essential obedience skills and proper manners. From basic commands to leash training and socialization, our experienced trainers will work closely with you and your puppy to ensure they grow into well-behaved and confident dogs.

Doggy Daycare and Socialization Near Monroe, GA

Give your dog the gift of socialization and fun with our doggy daycare services. Our spacious facilities are equipped with plenty of room for your furry friend to play, run, and interact with other dogs under the supervision of our trained staff. Whether you’re at work for the day or running errands, you can rest assured knowing that your dog is in good hands and enjoying a day filled with activities and companionship.