The benefits of Atlanta area dog parks are many! You and your pup have been stuck indoors during the cold winter. The warmth of Spring draws us back outdoors.  What better time is there to check out your community dog park?  Outdoor activities can contribute to better dog health and behavior.  Not only could the dog park make your furry friend excited, but it could also bring joy to you as well.

Less Worry about Pedestrians while you are out with your dog

Your community dog park provides an enclosed place for your dog to enjoy freedom of movement without a leash. Your pup is able to run around freely and play with other friendly dogs away from pedestrians, skateboarders and bikers that often share walking paths and neighborhood sidewalks.  Your dog can play and tussle with the other dogs while you enjoy the company of other dog-lovers.  Just keep an eye out for the occasional dogs that are bullies!  

Lots of Fun During Dog Socialization 

A community dog park is a perfect place to allow your dog to socialize.  Once your dog is around 6-12 months and has all its shots, it’s time for socialization.  Socialization is one of the first things dogs are taught at obedience school.  It helps your dog to build confidence and adapt to new situations.  It also helps to eliminate aggressiveness later on.  Your dog will enjoy the company of other dogs and you may even make friends with some of the other dog owners.  It’s a win-win!    

Meet New People/Dogs

A community dog park is a perfect place to meet new people with similar interests.  People who tend to be shy will automatically have something in common with other DOG LOVERS at the park.  All you have to do is ask about a person’s dog to start a conversation!  Your pup will find lots of friends on his own as well.  

Relax while your Dog Plays!

A community dog park allows dogs and their owners to be outside taking in fresh air and soaking in the sun.  Owners can allow their dogs to play in a secure area while they sit back and relax. You can enjoy conversation with a fellow dog-owner, read a book, or simply take in the scenery of the park setting.  Just watching the dogs play together can help reduce stress and create happy feelings.    

Good Exercise for Dogs and People 

Alternatively, you can get a little exercise by playing with your dog and others at the community dog park.  Bring a few balls, a frisbee and a good sturdy chunk of rope and enjoy engaging the dogs in a game of fetch or tug-of-war.  Some parks have obstacle courses for the dogs to enjoy.  You could run alongside your dog for some fun exercise.   

Doggy Day-Care Alternative

If you do not have the time to take your dog to a park, doggy day-care provides all the fun for your dog while you do your thing.  All of the dogs are tested for friendliness before they are welcome to participate, so your pup can play without the worry of any dog yard bullies.  At Smith Farms, our doggy day-care attendees are supervised by canine professionals while they run free in our vast open yard.  We provide lots of toys and interaction.  We also make sure to separate dogs by personalities and size when necessary to help avoid injury.  

If you and your dog are looking to have a good time with other dogs and dog-lovers, a community dog park might be the right place for you to enjoy the Spring!  However, if your schedule is busy, a good alternative is Smith Farm’s doggy-day care.  Call Smith Farms today to schedule an evaluation to determine whether your canine passes our socialization test.  If so, it’s time to play!  

A few of the many dog parks around Metro Atlanta include: